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giving back

Lending a hand

If you’ve travelled to Cambodia you’ll understand why we’re so taken with the place and its people. Its history is nothing short of breathtaking for both its majesty and its horrors. Gods, kings and despots have left their mark and despite wide spread poverty and hardship the people are gracious, quick to laugh and generous in spirit.

In April 2012 Scott Neeson appeared on Australian Story ‘Rags to Riches’. His story captured our attention and we felt compelled to add our support by donating 1% of our revenue to his unique organisation, the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Through Scott’s vision and hard work CCF is able to transform the lives of some of Cambodia’s most vulnerable children and their families by providing eduction, nourishment, medical support and the opportunity to have a much brighter future.

You might be equally inspired, check out CCF’s website to become part of something quite special. visit site